Liber Babalon:



Rass I Salman Paradiz Oa-Crimi Aao Ial-Pir-Gah Qui-In Enay Butmon Od I Noas Ni Paradial Casarmg Vgear Chirlan Od Zonac Luciftan Cors Ta Vaul Zirn Tol Hami Sobol Ondoh Od Miam Chis Ta Zo Od Es V-Ma-Dea Od Pi- Bliar O Phil Rit Od Miam C-Crimi Quaada. Od. O- Michaloz Oriom Bagle Papnor I Dlugam Lonshi Od Umplif V-Ge-Gi Biglied.

The East is a howse of virgins singing praises amongst the flames of first glory wherein the Lord hath opened his mowth: and they are become 28 liuing dwellings in whome the strength of man reioyseth, and they are apparailed wth ornaments of brightnes such as work wunders on all creatures. Whose Kingdomes and continuance are as the Third and Fowrth Strong Towres and places of cumfort, The seats of Mercy and Continuance. O you Servants of Mercy: Moue, Appeare: sing prayses vnto the Creator and be mighty amongst vs. For to this remembrance is given powre and our strength waxeth strong in our Cumforter.

* * *