Liber Babalon:

And that which thou hearest is but the dropping of the dews from my limbs, for I dance in the night, naked upon the grass, in shadowy places, by running streams.


The Gydja double-cd Liber Babalon focuses on the use of the voice as a musical, and magickal, tool. The most powerful example of this magickal tool is the voice of the goddess Babalon Herself, and it is in the interpretation of Her words and Her voice that much of Liber Babalon is based. Many of the tracks incorporate sounds generated through the readings of transmissions from Babalon that She has given to humanity from over two thousand years ago, up to the present. These include texts delivered to the unknown scribe responsible for recording the Gnostic text, Thunder, Perfect Mind, to the Elizabethans John Dee and Edward Kelley, and to the relatively more recent figures of Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons.

Collected together, these words form the book of the title, Liber Babalon; a Book of Babalon in which the words of the goddess take on aural, rather than just written, form. A written form of the Liber Babalon can be found by following the links below. These include some of the texts included in the two discs, as well as other texts that are a part of the Babalonian canon, even if they were not used for this release.

Liber Babalon